Skechers Restaurant COVID Relief Fund


Manhattan Beach restaurants are in need of community support to survive a second mandated pandemic closure. Outdoor dining has ceased to exist, the closure order remains in place through late December, and it will likely be longer. Without the help of each and every one of you, our restaurants will not survive. You can make the difference in keeping our vibrant community alive!

We need your help! Please donate to the special Skechers Restaurant COVID Relief Fund and you will assist in helping the restaurants keep their staff employed, and pay the rent and operations for the struggling locally-owned restaurants most severely impacted in Downtown Manhattan Beach and the North End—those people and businesses who cannot weather this storm on their own. The survival of many of these local businesses depends on us!

Due to the severity of the situation, Skechers and the Skechers family is launching the Skechers Restaurant COVID Relief Fund, a matching grant program to support struggling Manhattan Beach restaurants with a maximum total contribution of $500,000 from Skechers.

Without your support, your favorite Manhattan Beach restaurant may not survive! Donate and frequently order take-out or direct delivery (both are more profitable than a third-party service). Or purchase gift cardsa great option for the holidays!

Shop local! Dine local!

Thank you for your generosity,

Michael Greenberg


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