Corporate Shoe Program – Participation Agreement

This simple agreement outlines the Skechers Direct Corporate Shoe Program which is available to companies with 200 or more employees. This program is absolutely cost-free to your COMPANY. The benefits of this program will be effective as of the date of the signature below. The program terms and conditions are as follows:


  1. Skechers Direct program will provide benefits to the current employees of COMPANY. Those benefits shall consist of a 30% discount off of the Skechers Retail price on select Skechers shoes.
  2. Discounts will be redeemable via the Skechers Direct Ecommerce site to be produced by Skechers. Online access will be provided by Skechers for the redemption of the discount to the specified COMPANY contact person to be distributed to COMPANY’s employees (United States only). ALL online orders include FREE Shipping both ways and no restocking fees. Skechers will also provide the COMPANY contact person with a Flyer (PDF) and Retail Code entitling the bearer to the program discount which can be redeemed at any of our 500+ Skechers Retail stores located in the United States and Canada.
  3. Each quarter, Skechers will offer to COMPANY employees the Skechers Direct Friends & Family 30% discount on its wider catalog of products – over 3,000 styles. This discount will be made available to COMPANY employees at COMPANY’S discretion.
  4. COMPANY will be eligible for the Skechers Direct $5,000 slip and fall warranty through this program. Maximum total reimbursement for the calendar year is limited to twenty percent (20%) of the net purchases of Skechers Slip Resistant Footwear by COMPANY’S employees through the Skechers Direct Program.
  5. Skechers Retail Codes and links may be updated by Skechers on a periodic basis.
  6. COMPANY will communicate the Skechers Direct program and its benefits to COMPANY’s employees. These communications to be distributed by COMPANY at the COMPANY’S discretion and may include but not be limited to:

    (a) E-mail distribution to managers, employees, etc.
    (b) Posting on COMPANY’S corporate intranet or other internal informational web site as accessed by COMPANY employees where Skechers is listed as a shoe vendor
    (c) Posting in Employee break areas or dining rooms, on message boards, etc.
    (d) Include in New Hire packages

  7. Skechers shall be responsible for the creative production of each of the communications referenced in Paragraph 6 above and such communications shall be subject to the COMPANY’s prior review and approval, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld.
  8. Skechers reserves the right to alter the individual shoe SKU’s that are included in the year-round Skechers Direct program. New product lines may be made available at the discretion of Skechers
  9. Skechers will provide to COMPANY periodic reports of sales generated by the Skechers Direct program upon request.
  10. Participation in the Skechers Direct program shall continue indefinitely and may be terminated by either party at any time upon 30 days written notice via USPS to the other party at the addresses shown below.
  11. Skechers will notify COMPANY of any changes to the terms and conditions of this program and will provide prior written notice to COMPANY.
  12. The Skechers Direct program is a Cost Free program to COMPANY. Employees will be responsible for the purchase price of their shoes and COMPANY will not be responsible for payment at any time.

By signing below, you acknowledge the following:

  • You certify that all information provided is accurate to the best of your knowledge
  • You are authorized to sign up your company listed below to this cost-free program
  • You or the primary contact will provide the information and benefits to your employees to the best of your ability.


Shelley Vatzlavick

SKECHERS Direct / Territory Sales Manager – West

225 S Sepulveda Blvd
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Email: [email protected]
Cell: (214) 450-7609
E-Fax: (310) 427-7154

I certify that all information provided is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I am authorized to sign up my company listed above to this cost-free program. Myself or the primary contact will provide the information and benefits to our employees to the best of our ability.

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